When the humankind started discovering our planet earth there has been a lot of discoveries that have thrilled mankind. Similarly when the world started to discover the creatures’ we have found many remarkable creatures. Since we have started to know this world and creatures living we have found many. In a millions of creatures peacock is also one of the flying species with such a remarkable beauty. This flying specie usually lives in the forested areas. Basically there are three types of the peacock Indian, green and Congo. Their lifespan is around 15 to 20 years. They weigh around 10 pounds along with their wings. They are mostly found in Asia their name specified as peacock as male while female is called peahens. Tropical weather is mostly preferred by peacock and they are comfortable in it.

Adorable beauty with daring nature

Unlike many other creatures they seem not to be threatened by the human presence. The beauty of peacock is in its wings and it is a really worth watching moment when peacock open his wings. Their wings have a length around 60 to 65 inches. Their wings have multicolor with wide spread range that gives a variety of color present in their wings. Sometimes peacock when open their wings they show double shaded colors even multiple color changes are also seen many times. Their color scheme has many changes with respect to viewing angle. However the colors also vary with the selective breeding such as white peacock and the black shouldered peacock.

Like many other animal and flying birds that eat plants, insects, flower petals and other arthropods similarly peacocks also eat insects and selected plant leaves.