Spending holidays in mountain ranges is a golden opportunity to explore the distinctive natural beauty. Experiencing the peace and freshness in the air is most adorable and attractive. Mountains are one of the less known aspect and most of the ranges are geographically present in Bulgaria.

The eastern Rhodope is spread around the territory almost 34 percent. Since, the Rhodope ranges have been occupied if we see history. Therefore, many archeological sites are found there. The mountains have many steeps slopes separated valley by valley with thermal minerals. Water is also known to have healing properties therefore, it has a great attraction for visitors specially visitors with any health issues.

If you are deciding to spend holidays in Melanya mountain range you will have a memorable time. It will be a contrast to the busy urban life. You will also be able give yourself relaxation by true means and mountain will definitely give you adventurous activity. The mountains have something for everyone you can experience it in your own pace. The local culture is quite different from the city life and you will be amazed. There is also plenty of natural history and interests as well.

Various activities that you can have at this place are following:

  • Exploring different villages and the culture of people living there.
  • Enjoying the specially cooked local cuisines.
  • Have look at the various architecture and views made with curves over mountain.
  • Various species in mountains.
  • Outside sports such cycling, hiking, walking over mountains.
  • By following the footsteps you can see beers, wolves, and deer as well.
  • Looking into depth you can see the caves, deep gorges, and deep forests etc.
  • Outside camping is also one of the most adventurous experience but only at the given area since it could be dangerous.

The views from the nature are definitely capable of capturing you and the experiences will always make you come again. Despite of camping outside, you have accommodation that will match the beauty of mountains and it provides modern comfort. With the fresh flowing water from mountains you also have the option of wood stove to cook your food yourself a healthy organic cuisine.

Holidays in Melanya Mountains offer you pleasure, beauty, adventure and comfort with entertainment. This will be most unique holiday you ever make.