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February, 2010

The Roar of a Siberian Tiger

The Roar of a Siberian TigerThe Zov tigra (“Roar of the Tiger”) National Park is located in Primorye in Russia’s Far East is the first of its type in Russia. The parks covers 200,000 acres and aims to keep the habitat of animals protected while keeping a sustainable tourism as well. In the beginning it was made only for the placid animals since 2007. Read on…

A Tool Made Traveling Easier

A Tool Made Traveling EasierBefore the invention era people while traveling never had any such tools to figure out their locations but sun and moon. However, after the invention of an inexpensive tool “Compass” that can be made from scratch has really helped mankind. Specially traveling over sea has been made much easier by compass. Just imagine you are traveling over a ship or boat Read on…

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